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What is Giclee?

Pronounced 'zhee-clay' (a French verb for a spray of colour) is an advanced printmaking process for creating high quality photographic and fine art.

Get the artistic expression you've been waiting for with the Leon Mead original photography Giclee process - Leon's images beautifully reproduced on elegant fine art canvas.

See the "PRICING" page for price and sizes of Images available in Leon's Unique Outback Australian style.
Beach Bean flower

A sensitive art piece, capable of being printed to any size with a massive visual impact of this little plant common to Broome and surrounding areas, called, Canavalia rosea (commonly known as Jack or Beach bean).

The traditional landowners on Dampier Peninsula call this lovely plant, Goondayoon, a medicinal plant used for Rheumatism.

Shell on Cable beach, Western Australia

Shell on Cable beach, Western Australia.

Frangipani Flower

Frangipani stamen, a picture that can go on any wall, feel yourself fall into this image.

Printed big or small it will give any house a splash of color and a talking point.

Sturt Desert Pea

Have a look at this iconic Australian flower, with the deep colored Pindan soil as a background, this is a picture that looks great over a metre deep on any big wall space or small in a favourite nook, its art to inspire!

Hermit crab on Cable beach, Broome

A stunning picture of a Hermit crab scuttling over Cable beach, this bold image makes a great picture for a childs room.

Pawpaw flower on a purple Bouganvilia background

Pawpaw flower rolling through a vibrant Bouganvilia background makes this a piece of head turning art and specialized close up photography by Leon!

Pawpaw leaf in the rain

Soft shapes and vivid color, makes this a picture for your kitchen or somewhere you want some peace and serenity hanging on your wall.

Native seaside flower

A riot of light, color, nature, movement and depth of field gives you balance and peace, a stunning image for any room!

Horizontal Falls

The Horizontal falls, a iconic Australian destination in the Kimberley!

If you have been there, you will know! The beauty and the power.

A must have piece of artwork!

Stimulate your memories of your visit to the Kimberley.

Snowflake marshwort

Soft and vibrant art that you want to touch, Nymphoides indica or better known as Snowflake Marshwort a water lilly or aquatic plant found at Bunguaduk water hole near Beagle Bay, Lake Campion and Taylors Lagoon.

Shell on Cable beach

A lone shell on Cable beach, simple and powerful, relaxing in a busy and crazy world.

Hang this on your wall, larger the better, its a therapeutic image.

Hypoestes floribunda

Hypoestes floribunda or Musk scented plant, found in the cable beach sandunes, flowering in June - August.

Patterns in the sand created by Bubbler crabs

These amazing patterns are made by tiny little Bubbler crabs who push balls of sand up out of the holes, creating these awesome patterns in the sand.

This image would fit into any decor, with its soft color and amazing texture, something for everybody to enjoy.

Gum nut perfection

This image has delicate colors combined with vibrancy that makes this image a giant that will print to any size and breathe life into any room and decor.

"I've worn out dozens of cameras, and literally taken millions of images, on black & white film, color film, transparencies and now digital images."
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