Leon Mead Photography
Blue spotted mudskipper jumps

A Blue spotted Mud skipper, jumps guarding his territory in the mud at Crab creek.

Striated heron

A Striated or Mangrove heron, stalking tucker.

Blue spotted mud skipper

Blue spotted mud skipper in all his glory basking in the morning sun.

Popeyed mullet on a incoming tide

Popeyed Mullet coming in on a incoming tide, keep their heads up and looking for the ever present predators.

Mangrove roots

Mangrove roots, like a dense carpet of breathing roots, pointing sykward.

Pied stilts and Terns fly in formation

Pied stilts and Terns fly in formation.

Low tide and sunrise at Crab Creek

Low tide and sunrise at Crab Creek, looking over Muddy Roebuck Bay.

Roebuck bay shoreline at Crab Creek

Roebuck bay shoreline at Crab Creek.

Bar-tailed Godwit's

Bar-tailed Godwit's, come into land on a rock formation during a big tide at Crab Creek.

Red or Great Knot's

Red or Great Knot's take off from a beach at Crab creek on a big 8 metre tide.

High tide at Crab Creek

High tide at Crab Creek causes a color phenomonon as the red Pindan soil washes back into the Aquamarine waters of Roebuck bay.

Greater Knots and Godwits

Greater Knots and Godwits fly in formation over Roebuck Bay, with a pearling vessel in the background, giving the image some perspective.

"All I have done, all I know is photography. Being in the media has given me unique ability to capture that special image."
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