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Wedding ring sunset at Eco beach Resort Broome
Andrew & Julie

Andrew & Julie

Gantheume Point, Broome, WA.

Steve Hagger and the boys at Eco beach Resort

Hey Leon,

I was so excited to come home yesterday and see my, um I mean our photos had arrived I couldn't look at them quick enough and I think for 2 hours later you wouldn't have gotten any other words out of me then "Oh my god, I love that one and that one and that one, wow and just lots of ooo's and ah's" I had really high expectations after seeing the work you have on your website and you just keep impressing me every time I look at them. Not only are you a god and take awesome shots but you just made everyone have a good time and in every photo Steve is smiling I was expecting him to I guess not like having to pose. After the wedding when we spoke about how are day was and the hi-lights for us Steve was saying when you rocked up he thought he was being stitched up and you were a old friend and he was trying to remember when he knew a Leon (the poor man was a bit stressed I think) and he said you grabbed his hand to shake it and then your eyes just started to scan the room and then he realised ah you're the photographer (he didn't notice the big camera around ya neck haha). You come across as if your one of the boyz and ya there just to have a great time but still very professional, I think your personality made it so easy for Steve and I just to relax and have allot of fun!! . You allowed us to relax and have fun and I thank you for that because we now have a lot of amazing photos to remember that one exciting rollercoaster of a day.
Thank you for great memories.

Jess and Steve Hagger

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