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What I think is the most important thing!
Get your timing right and find out the sunset time and work your wedding ceremony time back from there, make sure you have time for the wedding ceremony, family shots, portraits of wedding couple, accessing the beach and beach images finishing with sunset on Cable Beach, leave enough time to be relaxed and enjoy the day.

Check out the tides, make sure you can get onto the beach, do not forget 8m's of tidal movement.

The Cable Beach Club Resort in my photographic opinion is the ultimate wedding destination.
When staying at the resort its a 3 minute walk to everywhere, the beach for ceremony, or the Cable Beach Lilypond lawn, the photography backdrops are stunning, with amazing gardens and big wooden verandahs, classic furniture, everything needed for the best wedding imagery possible, all on your door step.
Then only a stroll to the beach for sunset and your wedding pictures on beautiful Cable beach.
I am not just plugging the Cable Beach Club Resort here, repeatedly its what my experience has shown, produces the best possible wedding photography outcome, due to the fact its all on your resort door.

If you want to get Married in Broome and do NOT know what to do, where to start!
Contact, Broome Weddings, on Phone: (08) 9193 6696 or
"These gals know their stuff and can do the whole lot for you! Its easy and no stress."

They have know our local knowledge and can recommend the best accommodation, beaches, wedding destinations and tours for you and your guests in Broome, or extended honeymoon throughout the Kimberley region.
I can 100% recommend their services!
Phone: (08) 9193 6696 or

Book EARLY, for everything, accom, airfares, celebrant, even photographer, when its peak period, things book out quickly.
Get in early and do not be dissapointed.

Photographers, what can I say!
They are all good and there is a photographer for everyone.
BUT they are all different, they all have different backgrounds, different levels of skills and camera gear.
Be aware, ask questions, how long have you been photographing people?
Its not just about one or 2 pretty pictures on a website, its about the whole package, the portraits before hand, the ceremony, the family pictures.
Enquire how many pictures the photog takes, how many do they give you? Do you get all the images taken by the photographer? If not what % of images taken do you receive?
Do they give you a viewable DVD with music of your big day, viewable on your home entertainment system?
Most expensive does not mean the best and visa versa, cheapest does not mean the worst, just use you eyes, look at the work and if it sings and talks to you, then that is most likely photographer for you!

On that note!
Answering my own questions.

I run the best Pro Canon Camera Gear available, with the Canon Eos 1DS Mk 3 valued at $12,000 for the body alone. The files are 64 meg each.
Lenses ranging from 16mm, macro, zooms, portrait lenses through to a big sports lense the 400mm f2.8, all valued into the tens of thousands.
I use portable battery powered Elinchrom studio flashes, for that tricky lighting and for that quality sunset shot.
I have a back up cameras, Canon Eos 1ds mk1 and Canon 5Ds.
My camera gear is changed and updated every 2 years.
90% of what I shoot the client receives the other 10 % are eyes shut and rubbish.
I give my clients a quality viewable DVD's with the best 100 images in wide screen format, with music from Broome band, Groovy Lips and the Yang.

My 20 years experience as a newspaper photographer gives me the skills to blend subtly into your wedding and produce the best images for my clients, portraits, wedding action, family portraits, beach fun and Cable beach sunsets.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me or email me your questions, thoughts, concerns.
0421615975 - (08) 9192 5587

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"All I have done, all I know is photography. Being in the media has given me unique ability to capture that special image."
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